Corona: My first week at home

It’s the first day at home. I’m pretty motivated but it feels a bit strange being at home now. I get up early in the morning, my dad and I eat breakfast together and we start our day. We both have a lot to do today, dad has to work in the garden and I already have a lot of “Corona-homework”. I’m a bit overwhelmed by how much work that will be, but I’ve already decided that I want to go for a walk every day. It’s so beautiful outside but there is just so much to do and I’m easily distracted. Finally, I have finished with my daily tasks and I’m able to help my dad in the garden. Of course he has something to do for me at once. I help him collect some branches before we go on a long and relaxing walk. I am going to miss him when he’s at work tomorrow. I go to bed happy but scared what’s to come next.

It’s the next morning and I’m getting up a bit earlier than yesterday. I know I’m going to be home alone today. It takes an hour until I’ve finished my breakfast and I notice an unpleasant piece of paper on my schedule: the dentist. Oh no! But I have to concentrate on other things now. Because I have tasks to do. I’m in a rush, everything is piling up into a big mountain of work and my computer is incredibly slow. I am losing my mind here on my own. It seems much more than we usually do at school but that’s probably just because I get everything at the same time. Now it’s time for the dentist. Everywhere in the news it’s Corona. Isn’t there anything else important to talk about? But I’m still happy about what’s done to protect us in open spaces. I have finished, finally. Now I have almost every task finished except for Latin, but I can do that tomorrow and getting fresh air is more important for me now. I need to get out of the house. The chirping of the birds calms me and I sleep well tonight.

Strangely, I wake up much earlier on the third day. Where should this all end? Am I going to wake up at three am at the end of this week? Everything takes so long. I’m bored although I have so much to do. I’d really like to do English now but I have Latin to do. It’s a pretty eventless day other than the fact that I wasn’t able to go outside today. I think I would have been more motivated if I had been outside for a long relaxing walk. Everyone is so pessimistic, I feel like I’m going crazy.

Everything is so slow. It feels like it’s more than four days that I’ve been sitting here at my desk, doing things I would usually do with people (and lots of noise) around me. It feels just so strange. I’m determined to make up for the time outside I missed yesterday. So I go for a long walk and climb up the biggest hill in my village to strengthen myself. I feel good after this and practice for a musical although the rehearsal has been cancelled. I talk much more to my friends through the internet. I hate it when my parents turn on the TV in the evening. I’m happy to get informed what’s happening around the world, but the news is tiring me. I’m always glad when I can get to this part of my task list (writing about my first week) because the words flow off my fingers so easily. It’s like meditation to me. Soon this task is going to be finished, and I can get excited for another task like this. I’m very tired and go to bed.

On the fifth day I wake up and can’t stay up and have to sleep a bit longer, when I wake up I see that it’s almost eleven o’clock. So late already! I have to do my work now. I happily expect the weekend and hope that next week will be more relaxing.
(Aus dem Englischunterricht)